Hi guys!!

Welcome to Exploring Happiness, a showcase of inspirational blogs and vlogs about everything that has to do with the way we live our lives. We want to use this platform to not only inspire, but also to bring everyone, with a similar mindset as ours, closer together in an amazing supportive tribe.

But what is our mindset actually? Well it’s complicated……

-We are minimalists, but hungry for life

-We are travelers, but we love a base

-We look after the environment, without compromising our quality of life

-We eat hearty delicious food, but care about our health

-We eat plantbased, mostly……

-We are students of life, but also teachers

Most importantly though – We want to help bring everyone closer together, and help make the world a better place!


So who are we?

Hi I’m Niki

I am mostly famous for my curly hair, but you know what? I didn’t get them until I was about 11 years old, and I used to spend a lot of money on it, but I haven’t actually washed it for several years now (Thanks YouTube), and it looks better than ever!

I also loooooove German Schlager music, my dad is from Hamburg, and it was brought into the family that way!

What´s Niki up to: www.nicolepiper.com

Hi I’m Jens

I am famous for my egg-shaped head, and a receding hairline, but what I am slowly loosing on my head, I am gaining in my face.

Also I have a secret fetish for 80’s love-rock, 90’s Hip Hop, 00’s Pop….. That somehow turned into a very awkward mix at parties, and makes YouTube suggestions very funny.