Are you still in school?

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The game has changed now, the rulebook that you have been following your entire upbringing does not work in the real world. 

School is a system, nothing more, and it’s a system that works well if you want to create miniature robots that all seem to follow a similar path to “success”. 

But the thing is; there is no path to success and the rules laid out by the authority figures in your life are nothing more than guesswork.

Noone really knows how to play this game of life, there is no set path, no rulebook, and no guidelines to stay inside of. 

If you do follow a set of rules, that has already been laid out, chances are that you are helping someone else achieve their goals, play their game and you are merely a piece of their puzzle instead of your own. 

The fact of the matter is that all that school has done is to teach you unnecessary amounts of patience.

With these enormous amounts of patience comes boredom, waiting, and complete trust that the authorities actually know what they are doing. 

When we then grow up, we learn that the authorities are actually just people like you and me, trying to make meaning of it all and stay inside the lanes laid out by someone else… they are still in school. 

You need to understand that you have the opportunity to create your own specific set of rules and you are allowed to changing them when they no longer suit you. 

There is no guaranteed way to “success”, sure there are systems and ways of living, but you have to understand that even if you do exactly what they say, you might end up in a completely different place than you set out to. 

It’s time to leave school, it’s time to say goodbye to the systems that only please the people who put them in play, and in the deeper levels are simply part of what they want, not what’s best for you and your life. 

We choose to leave school and move into a van, we choose to sell everything we owned and travel, and we choose to keep living the free life on our own terms. 

We do not have much respect for authorities, this doesn’t mean that we do not understand the need for some type of structure and health care system. 

What it means is that we chose not to always follow the path, that has so neatly been laid out in front of us. We chose our own path, we choose to live life on our terms, to our own goals, not to the goal of a greedy politician or business owner who has no care in his life for us or the planet they live on. 

Stop watching their news, their TV and don’t let your children be brainwashed into a commercialized system by allowing them to watch over-commercialized branding shows whose only goal is to get them to buy the connected toys. 

The only reason FREE TV is available is advertising, it’s not a service, it’s a clever system designed to make everyone play their role as a consumer. 

Choose permaculture, choose cooperatives, choose life for you, and choose to be happy. 

See you on the road.

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