Best minimalist wardrobe?

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For both men and women

People often ask how we keep clean and fresh looking while living in the van since there is only that much room for clothing and you can’t really do regular washing as you can at home.

There are several things that will help you out on the road, and they will keep you looking fresh and neat… And not stinky:)

Rule number one:

The right clothing for the right job! Meaning driving clothing for driving, there is no reason to sweat up the back of 5 different t-shirts in 1 week!

Workwear for when you are working on the car, nothing greases up your gear like working on the van, rust work, oil spills, soaps, and dirt. Have a set pair of clothing for that particular thing as well.

Sports gear for running and working out, we often use the same sports clothing for weeks on end, we make sure to hang it out nicely in the fresh air whenever we have the opportunity to do so.

Finally, you have your everyday wear around the van and strolling around towns kind of clothing, those are the kind of things you put on upon arriving at your destination.

Now, as much of your driving and everyday clothing should be wool if possible, since wool has self-cleaning and antibacterial properties, making them the absolute best for driving and vanning in general.

Wool is easily cleaned as well, wipe off any stains with a wet cloth with a bit of soap on, and hang them out to air in the fresh air. You can even hang them out in the rain or fog, this will help them clean even more.

Regular washing:

As much as possible you should try and clean yourself up, try not to get too dirty, because that will simply transfer to your gear and make everything dirty even faster, and why waste clean undies on a dirty bum?

Also airing out your van is super important, everything just becomes more fresh and clean smelling, especially after cooking and sleeping, make it a daily priority, rain, sun or snow, make sure you open up all doors.

This will also prevent moisture from building up moldy corners in the van.

So to bring it all together for you, as much of your clothing as possible, socks long John’s and tops, try to get wool, high-quality merino wool is machine washable on wool programs and only need airing out 90% of the time.

Keep the right gear for the right job separated from each other, you need less than you think.

Finally, cotton socks will get you stinky feet! Don’t use cotton socks unless you have fungi between your toes, and then please change them regularly:)

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  • Reply
    Mark from Spratton Junction
    May 16, 2019 at 11:06 pm

    Excellent blog.
    You are teaching and old dog new tricks.

    • Reply
      Jens Møller
      May 17, 2019 at 8:51 pm

      I have been taught my entire life that such a thing should be completely impossible, but I guess we are the kind of people that like to prove that the way the world works isn’t as straight forward as people would like it to be 😉

      Thanks for the comment Mark, and great meeting you on the road – We are still at the same spot by the way, haha:)

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