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How social heritage matters

“By the way, this article is in no way based on science or proof, but simply a bunch of observations that we have been discussing a lot lately.”

Have you ever noticed how you yourself seem to struggle following through with your ideas, but your friends somehow always seem to push forward and reach their goals. You hate the fact that you just can’t get your great ideas to turn into reality?

Or do you hate it when others always just seem to stop in the middle of creating something great, for no apparent reason other than they simply seem to have lost interest or just stop believing in their idea?

If you belong to the second group of people, then chances are that you grew up in a well set family, a family where you never heard anyone worry about money. One or both of your parents have an education, and your grandparents are financially independent and have a decent connection with you and your parents. There might be divorces in the family, but in most cases there won’t be.

You have always been urged to go after your dreams, work hard and plan ahead. You have maybe never been told this, but you have always had a sense that you can always come back to your family, if you turn out broke or run into trouble. You have a feeling that you can always ask for money if trouble hits, you might even have gotten a bag of money with you when you turned 18 or moved out of the house.

It might not be that you have been overwhelmed with love or affection, but you have always felt stable and that you have had a solid foundation. From an early age you learned to handle money, you learned how to save and how to spend, you see money as the tool they are, not as an all powerful, all controlling substance of your entire life.

If you belong to the second group on the other hand, then you grew up in a different environment, chances are that your parents are working class, they both work low or mid level jobs, they might have a collage degree, but that’s typically it. They are very hard working people, doing low income jobs or they don’t have a job at all.

You have never been given anything of value, and you never asked, because you knew that money was sparse, you had a clear understanding that money was not easy to come by, and that it was almost impossible to succeed with anything other than a regular job.

You might have taken a collage degree, and maybe work in an office, but chances are that you either work with your hands or work in a store. You are content with the way life has turned out, and you never dare to ask for anything more in life.

But the most important thing

The most important and most overlooked social heritage is not about money or education level, it is about the worries given to children. You see; some people grow up, spending their entire life worrying about paying rent, what to eat, where to live, how much money to save up in case the shit hits the fan. They grow up with a constant fear of being broke, not having a job or disappointing their families by not living up to social demands that have been put on them. They have been taught that life is supposed to be hard and that nothing is given to you for free.

Then there is the other group of people, the ones who have been more worried about what type of education to get, finding a suitable partner in life, searching for the right job that gives them the best possible future, or maybe thinking about what type of business to start. They have never had to worry about the basics of life, the bottom of the pyramid, because it has always been handled for them. It is not that they didn’t need to sort things out themselves, but they have never worried about it in the same way, because the supportive structure behind them, and the encouragement has always been there.

Not to say that the first and second group can’t somehow fail or move forward, but simply saying that the social heritage matters in more subtle ways than one might think, and that it is not only about money or social status, but also about having the support and encouragement to go after something more in life, never settling for the bare minimum.

What do you think, is this pure bull crap or do you think there might be a point to this?

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