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How to hike up to Castell Dinas Bran – With photos and guide

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The hike up to the castle ruins is well worth the effort. The views are stunning and I will try not to spoil it with too many images from the top, but instead, I would like to clear up the confusion on how to get there in the first place – Too much contradicting information is written online.

Hike: Castell Dinas Bran – a 13th-century castle that at its time hosted royalty.

Difficulty: 2/5, a fairly short climb lasting about 40 minutes from the starting point of Llangollen pavilion, it would have been a 1/5 if it wasn’t for the steepness of the hike.

Equipment: Nothing needed really, we did it in our barefoot shoes and brought a bottle of water each – You can however extend your hike by following the history route arrows (we did, the short hike surprised us, we had expected a longer walk)

the castle ruins of llangollen
The view over Llangollen from the castle ruins

Starting point: If you are on foot, go straight to the narrow boat terminal across the bridge in the center of the city, you can’t miss it.

If you are by car, park at the Llangollen pavilion, it’s £3.5 for the entire day, if you are in a camper van, you can even sleep there for the night, no problem at all. From the pavilion parking lot, you go up in the left-hand corner, and take the path going right under the bridge crossing the narrow boat canal

Keep going right towards the narrow boat terminal, just past the terminal you will get to the bridge from where this picture below is taken – Cross that bridge.

After crossing the bridge at the terminal, you will get directly to a path entrance, there is a sign showing you the way to the castle, it is a narrow tarmac laid path going past a school and some tennis courts.

And don’t forget to enjoy the view on the way

View from the path

After a couple of minutes of walking, you get the the ending of the narrow path, and everything opens up.

Keep walking until you get to the sign you see below and follow the arrow.

After curving your way around the hill you walk through a small gate and the path turns to a little road with a house on your right hand side, keep going straight.

Now you get to a crossing, from here it’s pretty straight forward, as the signage is very good at this point. The road splits into 3, but you are following the one going straight across in the direction of the castle.

Now you get to the gate with a crow on, don’t worry, it’s a statue… You knew already didn’t you, it does look real from a distance though.

Go through the gate and take the path on the right.

You basically did it, or at least you can see the top from here, the picture doesn’t do it justice, it is quite a steep path, with loose rock, still takes about 15 minutes from here.

A I mentioned earlier, the hike is well worth it, and the views are amazing.

The old ruins are falling apart, but you still get a very nice feel for what it must have been like to live in a rugged and windy place like this, on the top of a small mountain.

While up there, I couldn’t help but do a little sign in stone on the backside of the ruins – – If you see it, take a shot, share it on Instagram and tag us @exploring_happiness_

If the castle trek is too short for your liking, then don’t fear, walk back to the crow gate, take the path going left instead of right and follow the history trail around to the old abbey and some more amazing scenery.

Leave a comment below and let us know what you thought of the hike, and if you agree with our 2/5 difficulty rating.

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