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How to make great coffee in the van

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without special equipment!

During our travels throughout the world, a constant divider amongst minimalist travelers is coffee – Instant or Mocca? Ooooohhhhh SNAP – the gates of hell are open, so let’s just get it out there.

We only drink MOCCAAAAAA, never ever instant, it’s not really coffee, and only something you should drink out of a last resort, or curtesy if somebody offers it to you – don’t be a dick 🙂

But how do you use it to make great coffee? well here you go:

In order to make great coffee in your van, you first should get your hands on a mocca coffee maker, they come in all sorts and price ranges, and to be honest, there isn’t much difference.

Ours, we got second hand from a flea market, and it works just as well as a brand new one, so don’t blow your budget.

Secondly, you need a coffee grinder, you can get manual and electric ones, again, don’t blow your budget, if you do have a 220v inverter, you might as well get an electric one, they are quite cheap and easy to operate.

Why the coffee grinder? Because instant and preground coffee is not allowed in your life anymore, so is instant coffee, once you have had your first proper van coffee, you won’t even want to buy a coffee at the coffee shop anymore.

How to use your mocca?

Screw the mocca apart in the middle, make sure the coffee leftovers are rinsed off, also make sure the top part is rinsed off before starting.

Fill up the bottom bit with water to just below the little safety valve, some say you should use warm or hot water, but don’t believe them, use cold fresh water.

Now the ground, buy whole beans, and don’t be cheap, the little bit extra you pay is really worth it.  Different roast makes different flavors of coffee if you have milk with yours choose a darker roast as this will make the flavor come through better.

If you’ve never used a coffee grinder before, don’t be scared, chuck in some beans and give em a good old grind, in the electric grinder I aim for about 5-8 seconds.

In the manual grinder, you just put it in and set the setting to fine, if you have that option. Then simply swing away at the handle until done.

You will want to fill the holding bit (house) up almost all the way, don’t pack it too tight, just knock it on a table a few times.

Now screw the top and bottom back together, with the house and set it on the burner, you can’t go too hot, so just turn it up all the way and be done with it.

After a while you’ll hear ‘spitting’ from the mocca, that’s when you know all the water has run through the house and your brew is ready.

Turn off the burner and wait a minute for it to stop spitting. Now pour yourself a nice hot cup of mocca and enjoy.

If you want milk in there, just pour it in, we like ours with oat milk (everyone has there own taste).

If you want to go completely pro, you can heat up some milk in a pot and use a french press to foam it up by simply pulling and pushing the rod and filter through the warm milk, then you have yourself a cappuccino.

Please stop drinking instant coffee, it’s not fresh and good for you, from now on, please drink proper coffee!

Leave a comment when you have made your first proper cup!

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