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How to travel from Europe to the UK or vice versa?

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At some point in your adventure seeking Eurotrip, you will want to leave the mainland and head over to Great Britain for some exploration.

You have several options to cross the sea, but this article will focus on the 3 crossings from Calais and Dunkirk to Dover.

Let’s dive into your options:

DFDS ferries Calais – Dover / Dunkirk – Dover
P&O ferries Calais – Dover
Take the Eurotunnel train

These are pretty much all the options you have if you want to bring your campervan.

So how do you go about actually booking and doing going there? Be careful, especially if you are on a budget, and being flexible is a major plus!

When booking online, be 100% sure you chose the campervan option, even if your van is smaller than the size mentioned, as the price is double for a smaller van than a large camper, that’s the mistake we made…

But luckily after quite a bit of complaining they did offer us a voucher for the difference on the ticket so we can get back to the mainland for free:)

Well done DFDS, I hope it works when we try to book!

If you are flexible, then book in advance to get the best price possible, don’t worry about spending the night as you can sleep in your van right on the ferry terminal. At the terminal, there are also toilets and a café.

P&O ferries work pretty much the same way as the DFDS option, although they are slightly more expensive than DFDS.

They do however make up for that by offering nicer ferries with an actual working café area, which is nice on the little 2 hour trip across the straight of Dover.

Your final option is through the Eurotunnel. Many people don’t realize that you don’t actually drive through it yourself.

What happens is that you drive your vehicle on to a train that then takes you over along with a bunch of other cars and lorries.

This is by far the most expensive option, and I have no idea why even though it’s supposed to be the fastest there is the whole driving on and off the train part.

Also as I know most van lifers, they are not really in a hurry, but very often on a budget, so why not chose the cheapest option available?

I hope this article was helpful, and that you feel confident in traveling to or from the UK.

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