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How We Make Money Online & Offline – while living in our van.

Tip: To let you know, this blog is commercialized – this is one of the ways we make money online.

Traveling full time does not come cheap, just because we don’t pay rent, we still have to make money every month to pay for diesel, insurances, ferries, taxes, phones, internet, food, water and so on, so just like a normal household, we have to have a steady flow of income.

So how do we do it you ask?

We do several things, having multiple streams of income makes everything much easier and makes you less dependable when one might not do so well for a month or two.


Niki is a certified holistic coach, she has regular clients from all over the world, she holds her sessions via Skype, messenger or zoom, meaning that all she needs is access to the internet, and she is good to go. She has done this for many years, so there was absolutely no reason why she wouldn’t take that part of her work with her on the road. You can read more about that on

Having a craft:

We both have our handy crafts, I do leatherworking and Niki does jewelry, we take these things to local markets wherever we are, Facebook events and stallfinder are both amazing tools that can help you find markets, car boot sales, and festivals in any area of the world.

Having a craft is also like a hobby, it gets us off the phones and makes us do stuff with our hands instead of our eyes. There is, after all, a limit to how much you want to hike and see stuff, sometimes you just want to chill out in the van, listen to some music and chill – We find that doing our crafts helps us calm down and just be here.


We have both found work online, not full-time work, but 15-20 hours of well-paid work every week for both of us is still quite a bit, and it really is a steady flow of income that helps us travel and live fully without worrying about money.

What is your skill? How could you do something for someone else on your laptop? Are you great with graphics, writing, photography, or something else? One of the go-to things you can do is transcription or data entry, both pretty boring jobs, but with decent pay and not location-based.

Go to or and search for jobs!

Profitable blog:

You might have noticed scrolling past an ad on this post, most people don’t mind a few ads, they are used to it by now, they understand that they are given valuable content in return.

That is why I have spent a lot of time lately turning our blogging profitable. Using Google AdSense and WordPress I have turned our blog into a semi-passive, steady income stream, where each visitor puts money into our pockets.

Yes, right now as you are reading this, you scrolled past 1 ad already, and we actually get paid for showing it to you! Here is another one:

This is something I am really proud of because having ads running on your site can turn a lot of people off, so keeping it classy, and making sure that your content is helpful and that the ads are not disturbing the reader is super important.

It is also super important that you understand where your readers are coming from, like Facebook, Google searches, newsletters, Instagram or other parts, knowing how to use this information makes a huge difference in the amount of money you can earn from AdSense.

Write a book:

Jens also wrote a book by the way, on health and weight loss, he used to be pretty fat and overweight, but with a few simple (not easy, but simple) rules, he has completely changed his health and weight for the better, you can buy the book on Amazon, this is another way to make a passive income stream because you only need to write the book once, then you can sell it forever.

My Weight Loss Journey - And what you can learn from it. My Weight Loss Journey – And what you can learn from it.

  • Rewiev by Charlotte Highcock: "A fabulously simple (and much needed) wake up call" "This little book is great for anyone who needs a bit of a kick up the bum. If you are literally starting from the bottom to go up, this is the book for you. Jens really simply puts it as it is (could just be his Danish charm, but I believe there is more to it than that!) and just gives you that little push. He is kind in that he offers you really clear help and advice, making it feel like you are in control. On the flip side of that, he also makes you realize very quickly that you have ALWAYS been in control and therefore it is your own fault you are here and reading this book in the first place. This book doesn't bombard you with jargon or conflicting information that most of the nutrition/health world will bombard you with; rather he is a person speaking from his own experiences and passing to us little gems. It is by no means a book with all the answers, but it works as a fabulous starting point." - What others have said: "A cringe-worthy, honest and funny look into the mind of the ordinary fat person" "That made me feel guilty, oh wow, never have anybody just told it like it is" "Practical and applicable advice given by somebody who actually knows what you are going through" "if I had only read this book sooner, I might have actually understood what I did wrong"  
  • June 26, 2019
  • 72 pages

Why not make money doing what you love?

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