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Life lessons from a cancer patient (Part 2 of our journey)

Beating cancer vegetables

A friend of ours was diagnosed with cancer, beat it once with chemo therapy, half dead, sick for a long long time, hair loss, weight loss and all the other side effects of a traditional cancer cure. So when diagnosed a second time, she decided to cure herself with a holistic natural approach. She went to a holistic doctor in Flensburg, Germany, where she was given such good treatment and advice, that she ended up completely cancer free once again.

We knew that we had to go see that doctor as well, after our breakdown we needed to find out why I was never loosing weight, having bad skin and always having allergy symptoms. Niki needed to find out why she had so much pain when on her period, stress symptoms and mood swings.

Were we okay? If we were, why weren’t we more healthy? A look at our blood through a microscope and a series of allergy tests, combined with a talk about our lives was about to give us the answer. It wasn’t pretty, in fact it was plain old ugly. It began with a deep conversation about the life we lived now, and in less than 5 minutes we had the answer that we already, on some level, knew.. We were still not living the life that best suited our dreams and goals, in fact we hadn’t even really figured out our dream yet… Where were we going with this life?

Allergy tests

She did some more tests on us, and found several things that we were both allergic to, she found chemical and metallic crystallized residue in our blood, probably from aluminium salts used in most regular deodorants and soaps. She ended up giving us some pretty clear advice, go vegan (very restricted) for 6 weeks, and stay away from all those regular chemicals we use in everyday products. We were also told to exercise more, and not to sit still so much (we were on the computers most of the day).

We took all her advice to heart, and began the change straight away after the visit. We went to the health food store and got all the basics, and we had to learn how to cook all over again, it truly was the beginning of a magical transformation that is still going on to this day, and it will probably go on forever – Learning and improving never stops, it should be a natural part of your life.


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