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Should You Go To Hobbiton Or Not?

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We had to do it, we really did, we didn’t have any choice about it, because when you’re in New Zealand there is one thing more important to most visitors, and they never forget to remind you – You really have to go, they said!

The set of the movie Lord of the rings and the movie the hobbit is a crazy amazing place. We contemplated the entire trip from the get-go, should we do it or shouldn’t we do it?

The price-tag of almost $100 didn’t make it an easy decision either. But then again, just getting to Zealand is an investment on its own, so how much is a $100 really?? So we went!

Was it worth it?

Oh yes, it was, just look at the pictures, the attention to detail is amazing, the guide we had was super passionate and knew exactly how to handle the crowds.

You get to walk the streets of Hobbiton, see all the cool hobbit holes, take all the pictures in the world – Best of all, you get to finish the day with a nice refreshing beer at the Green Dragon Inn, in front of a crackling fire – Amazing!

Some will say that it’s too expensive, but when you think about it, there are so many free treats for tourists in New Zealand, that it doesn’t really matter that much.

The nature along the way to the set was worth at least $30 😉 And if you really feel like you blew out your budget on it, then head straight to the free camping and hot-spring site in Rotorua!

Spend a couple of days drinking cold beer in the hot springs and you will be right back on track!

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