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The Breaking Point (Part 1 of our journey)

Being conscious about your life is harder than you think, and even if you feel like you have figured it all out, you probably still have a long way to go. For us, there was a clear line from the old life we lived, and the life we live now – We call it the breaking point.

It happened about 3 years ago, we were living our usual busy lives, I was working as a working full time, Niki was working on her jewelry business, we had a large 4 room apartment in the city.

We weren’t completely blind to the fact that we were not living the life of our dreams, but we were too caught up in the daily hassle to really notice how sick this life was making us.

I had bad skin, was getting fat (just notice the difference in the photos), was trying to quit smoking and wasn’t paying attention to my health at all. Niki was stressed out, unhappy and feeling the pressure of trying to make money as an online entrepreneur, while working full time in our jewelry shop in Sønderborg, not as easy as most people think it is.

We took a week of much-needed vacation time and decided to go on a road trip to Italy. I booked a large house with a pool, in the small city of La Sterza in Tuscany, not far from Pisa.

We began the trip and stayed a night in southern Germany on the way down, as the trip is just too long to take in one go, at least for us, we don’t like driving for more than 6-8 hours in one day, then we would rather just take a rest and wake up fresh the next day.

In the middle of day two, after driving through the Austrian Alps, we arrived –  A stunning house on a hilltop, surrounded by grape farms for wine production, olive trees, blackberry bushes, lemon trees and all sorts of beautiful nature.

It was amazing and the hosts were super friendly and helpful – If you need the contact information and precise location, just let us know.

It took us all the rest of the day to search around the area, find a store, a restaurant and head into the neighboring city to have a look around and an ice cold beer. Then the next day it happened – we both got sick with flu-like symptoms, runny nose, sore throat, a bit of coughing and a slight fever….

Why does this happen?? Our bodies had let go of all the stress that had built up inside, the stress that had kept us from becoming sick, the stress that had kept us from realizing that something wasn’t right.

We never let our bodies tell us that something wasn’t right because we were simply to caught up in our silly busy bustling life, to even realize that we weren’t supposed to live like that.

All that driving and all that time spent on getting a little vacation time, and we end up sick? This was when we decided to do things completely different, we decided to quit our apartment, close down our shop in our home town, sell EVERYTHING we owned and begin traveling the world.

This was a huge change for us, but somehow we just knew that this was the right move for us – We never really enjoyed the old life we had, I mean, sure it was nice to have a steady income and all, but it didn’t make us feel any happier or fulfilled in life. This is where our journey began, and now we are busily Exploring Happiness.

Did you ever have a similar experience? Did you have a breaking point in your life, where you decided to do things differently? Let us know in the comments below.

All that being said – Italy was amazing, everybody was super nice, the house was amazing, the food was over the top, even though half the time we had no idea what we ordered – Enjoy the gallery to get a feeling of the trip:)

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