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The coolest thing we saw in New Zealand

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During our travels through New Zealand, we heard about a pack of nomads, traveling part or full time, while living in their vans, trucks, cars or trailers.

Look at this amazing Bedford truck, converted with a full on house on top

They made their way by visiting different towns, setting up their miniature circus/theme park/spectacle called ‘The Extravaganza’.

Naturally, we paid them a visit – Camera in hand we walked around, fascinated by all the crazy awesome builds – This is the result.

Some of them were built quite similar

The trucks and vans were amazing, but that wasn’t all, they were artists, musicians, hippies and spiritual – The atmosphere was great and people were having a good time.

Another one, mostly wood framed with an amazing roof

They served food, offered massages and sold all their different bits and bobs, homemade paintings and other stuff.

This was an old bus

We actually enjoyed quite the romantic day together, holding hands and listening to the music in the shade.

A smaller one

A couple of days earlier we had been to a different market on the island of Waiheke close to Auckland, here we met a sweet girl who drew a henna tattoo on Niki’s hand.

A lot of creativity went into the builds

So if you ever get the chance to visit ‘The Extravaganza’ if you pass by them during your travels in New Zealand, they are worth a couple of hours drive.

The site itself was buzzing with life

A few more pictures from the day:

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