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You are looking to partner up with a sustainable couple, doing things in a new and exciting way, saying goodbye to the old way of doing business and embracing the change that is coming to the world. 

We like to do things differently and we love to take care of the environment, and yeah, if you didn’t already notice – We live in a van! #Vanlife is among the top trending #’s on Instagram with almost 5 million posts, and growing steadily all the time. Not only other vanlifers look to the #(hashtag) for inspiration, but also a large portion of the vegan, -spiritual and alternative living community looks in that direction. 

On out blog and videos we talk about life, travel, healthy food, alternative living, relationships and happiness. We explore ways of doing things differently and more sustainable in an attempt to find true happiness and the meaning of life.

We are constantly in contact with the community, both online and offline, and will never be out of reach for our community – We love them, and do it all for them!

We are always looking for new people to work with, whether that being a new sponsor, co-op, partner or blogger. We are interested in new gear, solutions, sharing articles and teaming up with online business by letting you sponsor blog posts, videos on YouTube or sharing products here on the blog and on Instagram/facebook.

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