How to find your money making skill

So you can make money online and become independent

Here are some ways to find out what skills you have that you can utilize to make money online:

The process

By identifying your skills and interests, you can focus your efforts on finding online opportunities that align with your strengths and provide you with the best chances of success. 

Keep an open mind, it is really important that you don’t just freeze up, and come up with a bunch of excuses about you not being good at anything.

You really need to take ALL your skills into account. You won’t believe the amount of skills and abilities are needed online, from recording yourself opening a door, to complex calculations, it is all online, so it is all about being open minded. 


Here are some things to consider

  • Assess your current skillset: Make a list of the skills and knowledge you already have, such as writing, photography, graphic design, or customer service.
  • Explore your interests: Think about the activities and hobbies you enjoy doing in your free time. Can they be turned into a money-making opportunity?
  • Look at past work experiences: Your previous job or volunteer experience may have given you valuable skills that can be used to earn money online.
  • Take online skill assessments: There are many online tools and assessments available that can help you identify your strengths and skills.
  • Ask for feedback from others: Reach out to family, friends, and colleagues for their input on your skills and strengths.
  • Research market demand: Look at websites such as freelancer platforms or job boards to see what skills are in high demand.


Coaching with Niki & Jens

90 minute live coaching session with Niki and Jens, with focus on applicable advice and direct steps to achieving your alternative dream life – $167

The Coaching can take place in English or Danish and will happen online via zoom call,

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Niki and Jens inspired and motivated me to start my online business. They deleted my thoughts and excuses with their arguments. They continuously gave me suggestions how to start and how to keep going. They could answer my questions in a very satisfying way. I felt well taken care of. I found them empathic, easy-going, humorous and ambitious. Our conversations were fun, powerful and target oriented.


Traveler / Writer / Mama,

I booked Nicole for some coaching sessions at a point in my life when I felt stuck, stressed, and unhappy. I was overwhelmed, didn’t own my life anymore, and was waiting for someone to rescue me. Nicole helped me back on track, gave me tools to reconnect with myself. She also set me on the path to learning to love myself, just as I am, and let me discover that I am enough, just as I am. After a while, I could feel the deep roots of self-esteem growing out of my feet and be grounded to the floor, as a tree firmly planted, standing strong through the storms. I’ve never felt better! Thank you so much, dear Nicole


Business Woman

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